Windows 8

windows8Now a day’s computers provide a decent platform for the working environment. Such computers are operated or controlled by operating system. There are many operating system are in use. But only certain operating systems provide better accessibility. Windows 8 is one of such operating systems.

Windows 8 is an operating system provided by Microsoft for use in personal computers, laptops, tablets, desktops, etc. Many versions were developed before windows 8. Windows 8 was first announced in 2011 in market. Before the launch of the product, the company took over several versions like developer preview, consumer preview, and release preview. Windows 8 differs from previous versions in all aspects.

Windows 8 introduced several mark able changes in the platform. Windows 8 supports all types of micro processors which include AMD, Intel, VIA. There were 500,000 downloads in the few hours of launch. Windows 8 developer preview has several new applications for windows interface. Beta version of consumer preview removes the start button from the task bar. This was downloaded by huge users after the release. Release preview was released last June. Release preview was leaked in the net.

The major items that contribute in the release version was sports, flash, travel, etc. finally the final version of the windows 8 was successfully launched with the remarkable changes in it. This version made a giant leap in the electronics field. This replaces several operating systems in use. Windows 8 is suited in all forms of devices. Many in built applications are installed with the windows 8 which attract the users all over the world in a finer way. There are several pros and cons associated with the windows 8. However this operating system came up with the attractive features which enhance the credibility and reliability. This article portrays the entire history of windows and its different previews.