Why use open source social networking software?

Most types of sites visited today are social networking sites. Social networking sites seem to dominate the Internet. You can be very creative ideas on their own, but what type of software should you start with?

The purpose of the use of open source software for social networks Facebook, Meetup and Ning is that you'll have more control over the site. Branding, public domain rules, specifications, designs, databases, and future opportunities to add are in your hands.

This site will be your creation and your community. Open source scripts that can help you build your ideas over time. Make it possible to add or integrate custom designs and options, and have full control over your career advancement, members and content. Your software should be ready to use, customizable, easy to use, easy to install and offer a variety of options and opportunities.

Open source of freedom and passion. You want to create a social networking site, you and others will be fascinated, and at the same time, you should have the freedom and ability to take the site to a new level when you and the public want or need. That's why open source is so important.

Social networking sites should be a stable solution, created by and for people. You are probably using more open source than you think. Firefox and Google Chrome are both based on open source code. Investments in open-source software improves more and more business sense. It is not in the bill, and the decision about the total cost of ownership for a long time, especially during the economic downturn of the economy.

Open source software social networking and social media to involve the community and feed on the contents: the code in the case of open source software, and media content in the case of social media. Social media is about expression and the right to communicate and open source software allows these standards. And social media and open source software meet the needs of companies to do more in higher quality at lower cost.

One affordable solution iScripts Socialware. This software offers many powerful features and can be customized to fit your original ideas. With open source, everything is transparent and it will allow many more than the winning sites.