Open source software applications for web designing

With open source software, which was created as a public collaboration and its most important aspect is that the use of its source code, you do not have to pay, that is, its source code is available to users free of charge. An additional advantage of this is that it contributes to two main factors that quality and reliability, offering their support, reviews and rapid assessment of the source code. Thus, an open source web design software announcement with open source applications, which makes web development simple and easy.

With open source web design goals are:

Joomla - it is not only popular, but all of the goals of open source CMS system, as it offers its services to a large number of Web sites every day. Factors working in favor of Joomla are countless modules, as well as those that are available for free and oversized community. You must select the correct one of the many options that are available. It is used for small and large businesses to create and design their Web sites on their own.

WordPress - It is used by 202 million Web sites, and this is evidenced by the popularity of this fact bears the software with open source applications. For bloggers, this is an ideal platform. A wide range of plug-ins which supports WordPress can be used to convert a typical blog with anything of your own choice. You can also look at the themes WordPress, to choose a unique and attractive themes for your site.

MySQL - is a free open source database and is the most popular of all. However, the version of MySQL Enterprise is not available for free, but if the comparison is drawn with other database servers, enterprise, commercial, its price is very symbolic and offers excellent support. As for the free version of this software is concerned, he serves as a solid base for CMS systems, as well as a number of other systems.

Drupal - is known as a general framework for CMS systems. Its main problem is high in quality and exceptional technical project. Community participation is smooth it with Drupal.

Use these free applications with open source software to create your Web pages at its best.