Open source software development technologies

There is a special license under which these software products are developed and released. Some of the most popular open source software are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Android and Open Office. Thus, an open source product development can be viewed as a process by which open source software development.

In the past, the process of software development with open source software was very unstructured as it was not a lot of tools and technologies. But now-a-days, a lot of development tools has been introduced open source software. Some of the most popular technologies PHP, Java, Joomla, My SQL, Drupal, etc. Today, many software development outsourcing companies use open source technologies for software development and web applications. Open Source software development consists of various stages. If you change or adoption of existing code as a base to come up with new software, you should go directly to the execution of works. On the other hand, if you are developing software from scratch, you have to follow all the steps of Software Development Life Cycle. It is very difficult to follow the traditional model of software development, such as a waterfall model to an open software development. These models do not allow a return to the previous steps in the development of software that requires an open software development. Agile software development is best suited for the development of open source software, because agile methods are complementary and iterative.

One of the most popular agile methods of software development, "Development of Internet" is also preferable for the development of open source software because it works on the principle of distributed development. In the Internet open source technology development, several geographically distributed teams are formed and the project is divided between these two teams. Many large open-source companies like Redhat and Ubuntu adopt this method because they are capable of forming a geographically distributed development centers. This allows you to get from developers around the world to work in coordination on a project.

Open source came up with many well-known and preferred technologies are used by developers as PHP is one of the most widely used technology. PHP is widely used for creating web sites, web applications, desktop applications and Web services. PHP PHP 5.3 was recently released with some major updates. PHP is also preferable to other languages, it has a large community group that helps to eliminate errors and provide the source code to modify for different programs. Another well-known open source technologies that are used for the development of open-source MySQL, the database. MySQL is a relational database management system that allows multiple users to work on multiple databases simultaneously. MySQL is also an essential component of the stack lights are widely used for Web servers worldwide. Other popular open source product of external development tools that are used in the organization of Java, Perl, Lisp, etc. Currently, each organization prefers open source technologies, since it does not require a large amount of investment required to purchase a license and have a great community to help.