OpenOffice Writer

Open-Office-WriterWith the more versions of open office there are several included applications found. Open office is clustered with the different applications which is suited for modern office environment. The various applications found in open office are open office writer, open office calc, open office impress, open office base, open office draw, open office math. Open office Writer is similar to Microsoft word and WordPerfect. This software is meant for text documents. It can export Portable Document Format (PDF) files and Web files.

Open office calc is similar to Microsoft Excel and Lotus. Calc also provides various features which is not included in Excel typically graphical user interface. Open office impress is presentation software meant for slide presentation. It can also export adobe files. Impress lacks readymade designs. Open office base is database management software mainly used for creation of database. Raw structured query language code is entered the base. Base offers report generation based on some software. The platform is a java type. Open office draw is a vector graphics editor which has the comparable features in Coral draw.

It has several connectors between shapes and line styles and equips some civil drawings such as flow charts. Draw can also produce files in portable document format. Open office Math is a tool for creating and editing mathematical formulae, equations, etc. This is similar to Microsoft Equation Editor. Formulae can also be embedded inside other Open Office documents, such as those created by Writer. It supports multiple fonts.

It can also export Portable files. Math is used for various calculations. Open office has several applications for particular usage. It supports various plug ins and add-ons. There are various versions available with the open office which gives new features to the applications. This article briefly describes the various applications of the open office.