OpenOffice Calc

open-office-calcOpen office calc which is one of the included applications of open office makes the data entry work simple. Open Office Calc is the spreadsheet component of the open office software package. This is developed for making analysis, strategies data encryption, calculation etc. Calc is similar to Microsoft Excel with similar features.

Calc is capable of opening, using and saving all spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel file format. It provides large number of features which is not present in Excel, including a system that automatically defines series for graphing based on the layout of the user's data. Calc is also capable of writing spreadsheets directly as portable document format files.

The default file format for Open Office Calc (versions 2.x and 3.x) can be set to either Microsoft Excel's file format or the international standard Open Document Format (ODF) Calc is ISO certified application. Calc also supports a wide range of other file formats, for both opening and saving files, such as and others. Calc can be used in all types of platforms such as Linux, Microsoft and Sun Solaris etc.

Calc is distributed under the Apache license. In certain cases, calc lacks Graphical User Interface to access advanced features. However, such calculations are done manually by entering the default functions. Gnumeric is one of the applications provided by the calc to access the various features with a wizard. Pivot table is used in the open office which is used for interactive table layout and data analysis. Calc omits the macros when saving n xls format.

Online chat with the open office developers is possible in the calc. games can also be played when we get bored. The options in the calc are flexible. This article emphasizes the application of open office calc and its needs to the user. This application comes more handy for the customers.