NVidia Ti4600 Review

NVidiaArguably the graphics card sector is one of the fastest moving in the world of computing, with the powerhouse that is NVidia pumping out new lines of graphics cards every six months or so. Keeping pace with this every expanding technology is no easy business, or at least, no cheap one.

Now as we all know, NVidia have become the dominant force in home graphics card technology, their last three generations of GeForce technology have managed to blow pretty much everything out of the water – ATi struck back however. Their Radeon 8500, with 64 megabytes of RAM (other stats) proved to be more than a match for the venerable GeForce 3. Nevertheless, it’s all change again – the GeForce 4 lives, and indeed is available as I tap these springy keys in the wee hours of the morning! NVidia were kind enough to send us a Ti4600 reference card, their flagship card in all new range of GeForce 4 cards. In this review we put the Ti4600 and the 8500 head to head, as we try to discover just why you would want to part with £350+ for NVidia’s latest offering – bragging rights aside, of course.

With production cards hitting the shops now, the question begs all the more: "do I want to upgrade?" - with a bit of luck this’ll help you make an informed decision.