Free Software Foundation crashes Microsoft’s Windows 8 launch

Free Software FoundationThe Free Software Foundation is dedicated in uplifting its position. The company points out that the Windows 8 operating system of Microsoft is a faulty product. In the company’s point of view Windows 8 does not give that much freedom to the user. Aside from that, it also invades the user’s privacy and controls the data of the users.

Microsoft just launched Windows 8 in New York City and the Free Software Foundation beaten the launching of Windows 8. The FSF, which is a nonprofit organization, stated that proprietary software is somewhat harmful to user’s freedom. However, Microsoft has just remained quiet about the issue.

At the launching of Windows 8, FSF discussed three potential dangers of Microsoft’s proprietary operating system. The first danger is that it controls you as a user. Windows 8 modification is very impossible and you cannot even see how it is built. In other words, there is a possibility that Microsoft operating system might exploit the users.

Libby Reinish, a campaign manager of FSF stated that the main problem with Windows 8 is that it is a proprietary operating system. Windows 8 restricts users’ freedom because you will not be able to see the source code. As a matter of fact, you cannot modify or even distribute it. In other words, there is a potential threat to the security and privacy of the users.

Second, FSF also thinks that Windows 8 invades the privacy of the users. Experts said that Windows 8 contains software that detects the contents of your hard drive. The most alarming thing is that Microsoft does this without raising warning to the users. According to FSF, such programs have deceiving names like “Windows Genuine Advantage.”

Third, according to FSF Windows 8 exposes the personal data of the users. This operating system contains contacts cache that can store sensitive personal data thereby making the user’s personal information more susceptible to identity theft.

During the launching of Windows 8, FSF distributed DVDs that are loaded with Trisquel, free software, which is distributed by GNU/Linux operating system. The purpose of such act is to encourage those people who plan to install Windows 8 to switch to free software movement.